Perfectly Imperfect: Scar Correction

Botox and Lip Fillers. Two of the most common phrases associated with the word "Med-Spa." A common misconception in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics. Botox and FIller. Just the outer layer of what can be done in a medical spa.  At Omni Sculpt MD, we had the opportunity to take a woman's deepest insecurity and correct it, and quickly. Here is her story....

As we walked in and greeted this beautiful woman, her eyes were focused on the ground, her voice was soft, with her hair covering her eyes. She slightly glanced up at us with a soft "hello." Her arms were crossed at her chest and she was squeezing her purse tight to her body. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable. "I saw that you all do Botox and I hope it can help me." She didn't care about the wrinkles on her face. She was much more concerned with the "hole" in her forehead. This was not a corrective issue that Botox could fix...

A few years ago, she slipped outside, fell face down onto ice and split her forehead open. She had many sutures to correct the laceration but what resulted left her feeling insecure and ashamed to show her face. The fall resulted in a very obvious, concave dent in the middle of her forehead. We brainstormed, contemplating what would help her most. After her consultation, we decided upon dermal filler to “fill” this area in her forehead. We used 0.6 ml of Restylane Defyne to fill the hollow area in the center of her face. The procedure took approximately 30 minutes and THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING!! She joyfully cried after the procedure, exclaiming “I never thought I would be able to fix this.” No more hiding behind bangs and no more insecurity. Our procedures are not only making our patients look great but they’re making them feel INCREDIBLE!

*Bruising, swelling and redness are common post injection and typically resolve within a couple days.*

*Patient granted Omni Sculpt MD permission to use her photos and story*