Hand Filler Rejuvenation in Dallas, Texas

Hand Fillers

Don't give away your age!

Hand Fillers

Don't give away your age!

OMNI SCULPT MD provides dermal filler treatments for the hands. We offer various types of fillers based on the aesthetic goals of our clients.

Hands are the second most visible, tell-tale sign of age.

Dermal fillers are the perfect option for a hand rejuvenation treatment. As you age, the natural layer of fat in your hands begins to deteriorate, leading to a “bony, veiny” appearance in your hands. Fillers that are strategically placed can restore some of this volume that you lose over time, which can help create a smoother and more youthful appearance. At OMNI SCULPT MD, the fillers we use for hand rejuvenation treatments are Restylyne Lyft and Radiesse. These products are FDA cleared and can instantly improve the look of your hands with results that look and feel natural.

Differences in Hand Fillers

Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid filler that can last up to about 1 year. The effects can also be reversed if desired, making Restylane Lyft a great option for those who are getting this treatment for the first time.

Radiesse is a different type of filler because it promotes your natural collagen production and actively fills volume loss. It can last up to 2 years, and the effects wear off naturally.

How can hand rejuvenation help?

  • It can minimize any prominent veins and tendons
  • It restores volume to decrease the “bony” look
  • It can help improve your skin texture
  • It reduces dark spots, and any sun damage spots
  • It can help minimize big or small scars on the hands
  • It can help you achieve a softer and more youthful look on your hands

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