Sciton® MOXI™Laser Treatments in Dallas, TX

What is Sciton® MOXI™ Laser Treatment?

Sciton® MOXI™ laser skin treatment is an innovative way to target and destroy unwanted pigment on your body. The gentle, non-ablative fractional laser treatment utilizes a delivery tip that creates micro-injuries in the skin. The natural repair process begins, boosting skin clarity and a gorgeous texture. The gentle laser targets and helps correct:

  • Light skin aging
  • Sunspots on the skin
  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone

How Do Sciton® MOXI™ Laser Treatments Work?

Our Sciton® MOXI™ skin treatment is a quick and easy process, taking less than 30 minutes. Our medical team glides the laser tip over your skin, working in smaller sections to cover every spot. You might feel some warmth as the laser passes, and there could be a bit of tingling or redness afterward, but these effects won’t last long. On treatment day, we’ll clean the area and apply numbing cream for your comfort. The special MOXI™ handpiece delivers laser energy, creating tiny skin wounds that trigger collagen production, improving your skin texture and tone. Most folks handle the treatment well, and we might use a cooling-air mechanism to keep your skin cool.

What Are The Benefits of Sciton® MOXI™ Laser Treatments?

Sciton® MOXI™ laser treatment is great for tackling skin pigment issues like freckles, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. The best part? You can do it even in the summer! It refreshes your skin with minimal downtime. People love it for maintaining results between more intense laser treatments. It’s quick too, about 30 minutes, perfect for a lunch break. Afterward, you can get back to your regular activities. Taking care of your skin post-treatment is easy, and you can start using makeup the next day. The benefits of Sciton® MOXI™ laser treatments at OMNI SCULPT MD include:

  1. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Reduces pigmentation
  3. Promotes new collagen growth
  4. Reduces the appearance of pores
  5. Prejuvenation-prevents signs of aging before they occur
  6. Improves tone and texture
  7. Polishes & gives the skin an overall glow

Am I A Good Candidate For Sciton® MOXI™ Laser Treatments?

Sciton® MOXI™ laser treatment works wonders for many patients. It suits all skin tones and types, offering a personalized experience with its three energy settings. Ideal for those wanting to keep a youthful complexion. If you have more advanced signs of aging, we might suggest other lasers. During a skin consultation with Dr. Louis DeGironemo, our team will figure out the best treatment for your needs.

Sciton® MOXI™ Results & Aftercare

Sciton® MOXI™ Results & Aftercare at OMNI SCULPT MD

After your Sciton® MOXI™ laser treatment, treat your skin gently. Avoid harsh ingredients like sulfates and acids. Instead, use repairing serums, a gentle moisturizer, and daily sunscreen, treating your skin delicately, much like a baby’s. Expect your skin to feel a bit tender and rough initially, with small scabs forming after a few days. As your treated skin cells start to flake off, any side effects will fade within days. Once that happens, you can reintroduce retinol and acids. Noticeable results will appear in four to six weeks as your skin cells turn over, revealing a more even, brighter complexion without dark spots or freckles.

OMNI SCULPT MD Glow Packages

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OMNI Skin Polish Package

  • Package of 3 MOXI™ Laser Treatments + Aquagold® Microneedling w/ PRP + Post-skincare Kit

OMNI Collagen Boost Package

  • Package of 3 MOXI™ Laser Treatments + Sculptra® + Post-skincare Kit

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