Benefits of Aquagold Fine Touch Therapy, Dallas Texas

Give your complexion a golden glowing kiss with Aquagold Fine Touch. Your skin will look flawless, hydrated, and rejuvenated with Aquagold Fine Touch. Most of our patients choose to use the AquaGold Fine Touch micro-needling system on their face, neck, hands, and chest. We’ll help you customize the perfect Aquagold Fine Touch treatment for your skin.

What Is Aquagold Fine Touch?

The Aquagold Fine Touch micro-needling system is made up of tiny 24 karat gold needles. The minuscule needles penetrate the skin, painlessly delivering anti-aging and skin refining treatments into the skin. This treatment goes beyond most dermal fillers, injections, and traditional micro-needling procedures by covering a more extensive treatment area and reaching deeper into the dermis of the skin. The Aquagold Fine Touch micro-needling system more effectively absorbs healing solutions than with a syringe. Most patients choose an Aquagold Fine Touch concoction combined with your favorite dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and vitamins to rejuvenate skin with a stunning glow.

Aquagold Fine Touch Benefits

The AquaGold Fine Touch micro-needling system offers multiple benefits, including: 

  • Shrinks pores 
  • Smooths skin 
  • Improves superficial acne scarring 
  • Collagen stimulation for a more youthful appearance
  • Anti-aging elements
  • Enhances laser treatments 
  • Brightens skin 
  • Offers minimal short-term redness 
  • Provides fast results 
  • Rejuvenates sensitive skin around eyes and mouth
  • Provides deep level skin hydration
  • Can add PRP for additional enhanced anti-aging preventative effect and for an enhanced volume and glow

Why Choose Aquagold Fine Touch?

Aquagold Fine Touch is one of the top choices to treat fine lines and wrinkles because it goes above and beyond most skin treatments. Its specialized microneedling system has a 600-micron depth to reach deeper than most other skin treatments. Its disposable applicator includes a reservoir to customize ingredients that match the specific needs of each patient. Instead of a general treatment, Aquagold Fine Touch provides a customized treatment made just for your skin. In less than 30 minutes, your skin is revitalized to a new degree.

Get Ready For The Glow

Many people call Aquagold the “Red Carpet Treatment” because it’s become one of the most popular treatments before a big event. Most people love the microneedling’s stimulation effects that leave your skin fresh and glowing. Collagen growth leads to firmer skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles quickly. Your skin can better absorb water, preventing a dull, dry look. When you combine injectables and formulas with the treatment, Aquagold helps promote long-term skin health with a stunning glow.

Providing Customized Results

The AquaGold Fine Touch system provides personalized results for each patient. We’ll help decide the best solutions to combine with AquaGold for optimum results. Solution choices include: 

  • Hyaluronic acid (Restylane or Juvederm)
  • Neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport)
  • Growth factors for cellular renewal
  • Pigment reducers
  • Prp (Platement-rich plasma)

How Long Does Aquagold Fine Touch Last?

Aquagold Fine Touch results are seen within three to seven days following treatment, based on the goal you’re looking for from the treatment. Collagen stimulation usually starts to occur within 12 weeks and a minimum of three treatment are usually recommended two to for weeks apart for the best-anti-aging preventantive effect. Aquagold Fine Touch isn’t meant to replace your BOTOX or filler treatments. It’s best combined with neuromodulators and fillers to enhance the results. We’ll help determine the best customized treatment for your needs. Contact Dr. D at OMNI SCULPT MD today for an appointment!

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