Best Summer Skincare Products

If the hot weather is doing a number on your skin, we’re here to help! The summer months are full of hot, humid days that often cause excessive clogging and sweating of your skin. While many people worry so much about their skin fighting dull and dry skin during the winter, your skincare is just as important during the hot summer months. OMNI SCULPT MD Medical Spa provides our Dallas, TX, patients with top-of-the-line skincare products for glowing skin. Dr. D consults with you to determine the best skincare products during the hot months for your specific skin type. We’ll tell you about some of our best-selling skincare products to beat the heat this summer.

Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar

Alastin’s Regenerating Skin Nectar is perfect for enhancing beauty treatments and reducing recovery time. It includes innovative TriHex Technology to boost the production of healthy elastin and collagen. While it’s perfect to use throughout the year, Skin Nectar makes your face feel velvety smooth even when it’s blazing hot outside. It clears your pores for optimal elastin production and strengthens your skin. Best of all, it’s a preservative-free, water-free, and bacteriostatic formulation.

SkinBetter Alto Defense Serum

SkinBetter’s Alto Defense Serum is a scientifically advanced serum for daily antioxidant protection. You’ll notice a more even skin tone without any redness. We love this serum because it fights the sun’s damaging rays by combining vitamins C and E with 17 additional antioxidants. Your skin looks and feels better after only a few uses.

SkinBetter Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment

An excellent moisture treatment is essential for those hot days. SkinBetter’s Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment is one of our favorite products for offering hydration without weight. You get balanced skin without feeling the heaviness of a product. Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment is a triple-action formula that brings moisture back to your skin and offers a fresh, radiant look. You can use this moisture treatment on any type of skin for a youthful glow.

SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Overnight Cream

SkinBetter’s AlphaRet Overnight Cream is the BEST retinoid product on the market. We love it because it delivers superior results without irritating your skin. Your fine lines and wrinkles seemingly disappear, and your skin tone seems perfectly even. The creation of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a retinoid does magic daily. The technology dispenses its retinol ingredient overnight to cause less irritation and boost benefits.

Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment

Alastin’s Restorative Eye Treatment is winning awards left to right! Of course, it has the innovative TriHex technology for a collagen boost. You’ll notice less puffiness in your eyes and a fresh look. It helps reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and promotes an even skin tone. Excellent eye treatment is critical for the summer months when it’s hard to stay hydrated and fresh.

SkinBetter Science SPF

SkinBetter’s SunBetter Tone Smart SPF Tinted Sunscreen is some of the best stuff on the planet for enjoying fun in the sun. It’s got the highest level of sun protection in a tone-adapting lotion with a hint of color. ⁠You can get it in SPF 68 or 75 for your choice of formula. The only real difference is that 75 gives you a boost of sun protection. You can use this sunscreen as a primer or in place of a light coverage foundation. You get to protect your skin while looking fabulous.

Why Do I Need High-Quality Skincare Products?

Don’t run to the grocery store for skincare products at any time of the year. Professional-grade skincare products keep your skin in optimal condition. They improve the volume, color, and overall appearance of your face and body. Professional skincare products are extensively tested and are proven to boost your skin’s health.

Meet Louis DeGironemo M.D., D.C.

Dr. Louis DeGironemo, also called “Dr. D,” is an expert at finding the most innovative and best skincare products for your skin type. He customizes each skin care treatment to meet your unique goals. It’s important to understand that no one has the same skin type. Dr. D is a double board-certified physician in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine with the American Board of Anesthesiology. 

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Contact Dr. Louis DeGironemo to discuss the best skincare options for you. The OmniSculpt MD Med Spa team in Dallas works with you to find fantastic skincare solutions throughout the year. We use our products daily, so we can tell you all about how they work. There’s a reason we’re the number one luxury aesthetics and anti-aging medical spa in Dallas, TX. We never skimp on quality and continuously search only to find and use the best skincare products. Contact us today for a consultation!

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