Sciton MOXI Laser Treatments in Dallas, TX

If you notice signs of sun damage or have uneven skin tone areas, the Sciton MOXI skin laser treatment may be a fantastic solution for you. OMNI SCULPT MD Medical Spa in Dallas, TX, proudly offers Sciton® MOXI™ laser skin rejuvenation treatments to patients in Dallas and the surrounding areas. The revolutionary laser skin rejuvenation system helps patients look and feel their best in 30 minutes. Our medical professionals will perform a facial consultation to determine if the innovative MOXI laser is an excellent solution for your skin issues. We’re so excited to share another groundbreaking skin treatment with our patients. Contact us to learn more!

What is Sciton MOXI™?

Sciton MOXI is an innovative way to target and destroy unwanted pigment on your body. The gentle, non-ablative fractional laser treatment utilizes a delivery tip that creates micro-injuries in the skin. The natural repair process begins, boosting skin clarity and a gorgeous texture. The gentle laser targets and helps correct:

  • Light skin aging
  • Sunspots
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Uneven texture
  • Uneven tone

Sciton MOXI Benefits

Sciton MOXI laser skin treatment is an excellent solution for problematic skin pigment issues. It helps eliminate freckles, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. You can even get this treatment during the summer. Your skin is revitalized without much downtime. Most patients love MOXI because it’s a perfect way to maintain results between more aggressive laser treatments. You can get it on your lunch break because you’re done in about 30 minutes and can return to daily activities. The post-care for Sciton MOXI is simple, and you can apply make-up the next day.

Sciton MOXI Candidates

The Sciton MOXI laser is a wonderful solution for many patients. It is perfect for all skin tones and types. It has three energy settings to ensure you get a customized experience. If you want to maintain a youthful complexion, you are an excellent candidate. If you have advanced signs of aging on your face, we may recommend using other lasers. Our team will determine the best treatment for your needs during a skin consultation.

Sciton MOXI Procedure

Sciton MOXI is a fast and painless treatment. Our medical professionals will roll the laser tip over your skin. We work in smaller sections, ensuring we reach every spot. You may feel heat as the laser passes over your skin. You may notice tingling or redness after the procedure, but these effects will quickly subside.

Sciton MOXI Results & Aftercare

After your MOXI laser treatment, avoid harsh ingredients like sulfates and acid. Your skin should be treated like a baby by using repairing serums, a gentle moisturizer, and daily sunscreen. Your skin may feel tender and a bit rough after the treatment, but you will start to feel small scabs forming on your skin in a few days. Your treated skin cells will begin to flake off. The side effects will subside after a few days, and then you can start incorporating retinol and acids again. You will see noticeable results in four to six weeks. The skin cells need time to turn over and glow. Your skin will be more even and brighter without dark spots or freckles.

Meet Louis DeGironemo M.D., D.C.

Dr. Louis DeGironemo is OMNI SCULPT MD Medical Spa’s leader and owner. Dr. Dr is a double board-certified physician in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine with the American Board of Anesthesiology. He is best known for customizing skincare and anti-aging treatments for each patient. When you walk into our medical spa, you’re treated like family. Dr. D and our medical staff work hard to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

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Our team can use the MOXI Sciton laser exclusively or pair it with other skincare treatments for optimal results. We can pair treatments like MOXI, PRF, and Sculptra or Radiesse with skincare for the best possible results. We recommend a series of three to four treatments a month apart, then one to two times a year. Our team wants you to look and feel your best. We will work hard to customize your anti-aging and skincare treatments just for you. OMNI SCULPT MD Medical Spa in Dallas is the area’s most innovative medical spa that puts your needs first. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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