How to Avoid Fake Botox & Get Safe Treatment

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How to Avoid Fake Botox Scams & Get Safe Botox Injections

If you hear about inexpensive Botox treatment and think about jumping at the chance to take advantage of it, think twice before you book that appointment. Discounted botox could be “fake” or “counterfeit” Botox, which can be highly dangerous.

Botox can have adverse effects if it isn’t correctly injected by a licensed, trained professional, or if the so-called “Botox” they’re using isn’t actually what it claims to be. In 2023 and 2024, fake Botox injections by unscrupulous individuals have been linked to at least 22 cases of adverse reactions, including double vision, slurred speech, difficulty breathing, and other complications. 

Patient safety is our #1 concern  at OMNI SCULPT MD, so we want to arm you with the knowledge to protect yourself from these counterfeit Botox scams.

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons people might be tempted by offers of inexpensive Botox treatments that might put them in a dangerous situation and how to avoid those situations yourself.

When it Comes to Botox, Cheaper is Not Always Better

The allure of a discounted Botox treatment can be tempting, but it’s essential to remember that Botox is a medical procedure, and when it comes to medical procedures, cheaper is not always better.

The state of Texas mandates that Botox practitioners must operate under the supervision of a licensed medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. The problem is that this is not always the case. Some places that offer Botox injections claim that medical professionals are present, yet they are nowhere in sight. 

The consequences of opting for low-cost Botox can be severe. Botox injections that are done improperly with unregulated products, can result in serious medical complications. The FDA has issued multiple alerts about these counterfeit “Botox” products and improperly done injections.  These incidents highlight a danger lurking in the beauty industry, where the pursuit of discounts and cheap Botox injections can lead to life-threatening outcomes.

Botox Should Always Be Administered By A Board-Certified Doctor

When choosing where to get Botox treatment, the presence of a board-certified doctor is non-negotiable. Board-certified doctors are held to stringent standards of safety and ethics by medical and state boards, ensuring the highest level of care for their patients. Going to a board-certified doctor for Botox treatment significantly reduces the risk of complications associated with improperly performed injections and counterfeit products.

At OMNI SCULPT MD, all of our Botox injections are handled by Dr. Louis DeGironemo, a double board-certified physician in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine. He is highly experienced with administering Botox injections for wrinkle reduction and other medical applications, offering peace of mind that you are in capable hands.

Low Botox Prices Should Be A Red Flag

Many factors go into the cost of Botox treatments, including the quality of the product and the expertise of the practitioner. Most reputable doctors charge similar prices, as the costs associated with acquiring genuine Botox and achieving the level of expertise necessary to administer it properly are high.

If you encounter Botox being offered at significantly lower prices than the norm, such as $8 to $10 per unit, consider it a red flag. Extremely low prices often indicate the use of counterfeit or diluted products, which could pose significant risks to your health and well-being.

Real Botox is Sourced from FDA-Approved Manufacturers

The best way to ensure your Botox treatment is safe is to make sure your practitioner sources their Botox directly from FDA-approved manufacturers.

OMNI SCULPT MD only uses FDA-approved manufacturers for the products we use in our treatments, including Allergan for Botox, Galderma for Dysport, Merz for Xeomin, Evolus for Jeuveau, and Revance for Daxxify. These manufacturers adhere to rigorous standards when producing their products, drastically reducing the risk of complications after use. OMNI SCULPT MD is committed to using the safest products on the market for all of our treatments, including Botox.

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The decision to undergo Botox treatments should be approached with care and diligence. By being aware of the potential risks associated with counterfeit Botox products and improperly trained practitioners, you can make an educated decision and enjoy the benefits of Botox safely and confidently.

Remember, cosmetic procedures aren’t just an investment in your appearance, but also in your overall health and well-being. OMNI SCULPT MD will never put your safety in jeopardy.

For safe, effective Botox treatment, call OMNI SCULPT MD in Dallas today to schedule a consultation.

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